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Misty - Whirly Cups Enamel Pin

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Kawaii Yummies Collection - Newest and freshest batch of sweet and lovable characters!

Whirly-Cups - These fun loving cupcake characters are unique in their own way. Each one is filled with their own special filling that when consumed can cause different types of effects! Not so much is known about the origin of where they come from or how they were created, some say they are the creation of Willie Wonka himself baked to impact the world. Legend has it that they escaped the factory, while other think they were stolen for self consumption. They now roam around the world hiding in fear from our Creepy Cuties, who are constantly chasing them in order to eat them to unlock these effects hiding within these sweet treats! How will they survive in this world? 

Only you can save them by collecting them all and giving them a safe home and place to hide from these viscous creepsters! 

Now let’s meet our new cupcake friend! 

MISTY: She is a shy and innocent Whirly-Cup that is often the most eaten out of all the cupcakes. Misty’s hot pink filling when consumed causes the creepy cuties to go an a psychedelic overload. You can see why Misty is the most hunted!

  • Beautifully designed by 👉 Jo2 of Artistic Flavorz
  • Limited Quantities
  • Hard Enamel Pin
  • Double Post Rubber Backings
  • 2.9cm L x 2.2cm W