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Embellished Mouse Badge Reel Cover - Mint/White Glitter Drip with Mouse Sprinkles

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We've created our special 3D Printed Badge Reel Covers that are shaped like our favorite little mouse so that you can have a functional product while also expressing your style! We've designed it to be interchangable because we know that badge reels tend to break easily. So instead of throwing out the whole badge reel when it breaks, you can just replace the badge reel insert and keep using the design cover. 

Some of the features include:

  • Each badge reel cover comes with 1 random matching badge reel insert. 
  • Replaceable badge reel inserts available through our other listing which have multiple colors to choose from. 
  • This badge reel is hand embellished with glitter, resin and clay mouse sprinkles for that added special sparkle. 
  • Since these are hand embellished - each product may differ slightly from the photos.